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MFC-202/P Parallelism Controller

MFC-202/P The MFC-202/P controller was developed by Licht for the paralellism supervision and control of 3-phase power transformers and 3-phase groups of monophase transformers. The MFC-202/P features 10 relays for electromechanic logic, one RS485 interface for supervision and control and one optional current output for position retransmission.

The parallelism control is implemented according to the master-follower principle, under which all tap changer positions are kept synchronized. For parallel control to be successful under this scenario, we admit that all involved transformers have identical nominal currents, number of taps and voltage delta per tap. Each tap changer's position is read directly from its potentiometric sensor or indirectly through a current loop (typically 4-20 mA). During parallel control, the Master tap changer's position is compared to its Followers', and tap changer pulses are issued to the Follower tap changers whose positions don't match their Master's.
Manuals Best practices for installation The articles above were written by Keith Armstrong from Cherry Clough Consultants.
Electrical, Structural and Environmental Characteristics
  • 80-265V universal power supply
  • Full galvanic isolation
  • IP20 rated enclosure
  • 35 mm DIN rail assembly
  • Operation at up to 70°C
Technical Characteristics
2 wire potentiometric, current (e.g.: 4-20 mA), voltage (e.g.: 0-10V).

Number of positions
2 to 50.

Potentiometric disc resistance
8 to 1000 Ω

Resistance per tap
3 to 20 Ω

0.2% F.S.

RS485, optically isolated (≥ 2.0 kV, 60 Hz, 1 min.), with MODBUS or DNP3 protocol support.

Analog Outputs
Software configurable current loop: 0-1, 0-5, 0-10, 0-20 or 4-20 mA. Isolated outputs (≥ 2.0 kV, 60 Hz, 1 min.).

3 configurable relays for error on normal operation indication. Relays for parallelism mode indication (master, follower, individual), remote commands (raise, lower) and manual command. Switching capacity of at least 5A x 250 Vac or 0.5A x 125 Vdc. Galvanic isolation ≥ 2.0 kV (60 Hz, 1 min.).

2 lines, 16 characters each (5 mm). LCD with backlight.
Software Configurable Parameters
The MFC-202/P was developed to provide the user with the greatest possible flexiblity, such that all supervision and configuration can be executed on-site or remotely through the existing communication channels.

Of all the software configurable parameters, we highlight the following:

Parallelism Mode (Master, Follower, Individual or Disabled)
Selects if the channel operates as Master, Follower, Individual or Disabled.

Number of Positions (2 to 50)
The on-load tap changer's number of positions.

Synchronism Error Timeout (10 to 100 s)
Interval defined from the instant when failure to follow was detected to this error's indication.

Configuration Error Timeout (10 to 100 s)
Interval defined from the instant when a configuration failure was detected to this error's indication.

Address (0 to 15)
An MFC-202/P's network address. Each tap changer or bank must have a unique address. A network of MFC-202/Ps can control up to 16 transformers.
All functions accessible through the keyboard are also available at a distance through the RS485 serial links. Therefore, it is possible to remotely:
  • Read any tap changer's position and state.
  • Read the current configuration.
  • Perform a partial or complete reconfiguration.
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